Among sexually active fuckers, cock rings RANK #1 in terms of the most commonly used piece of gear. Yet surprisingly, few fuckers actually know what a cock ring’s primary purpose is…let alone, how to tap into this BONE DADDY.

True or False: The primary purpose of a cock ring is to GET YOUR DICK HARD.

The answer’s FALSE. A cock ring HELPS YOU KEEP YOUR HARD DICK…but only AFTER blood is allowed to flood its way up your pecker. Savvy drillers, however, know to first PRIME their poles to get their STIFF-ON. Once erect, they wrap something SNUG around the base of their swollen member. This restricts the flow of blood and maintains that ENGORGED veiny look that makes mouths water!

If you’re needing a really GOOD, inexpensive, ON-THE-GO cock ring…Look NO further!

Neo Junk Rider is designed to be both QUICK and EFFECTIVE. Made of neoprene, it’s light as a feather, yet strong enough to TAKE ON your next fuckhole…and whatever army he comes with!

Get your cock ROCK HARD then SLAP this puppy ‘round the rooster…SNAP it tight…and FUCK AWAY! SIMPLY TOUGH…SUPER SOFT…SERIOUS FUCKING POTENTIAL. You will be asked to choose your color after you add this item to your cart. Choose from Grey, Blue, Red, or Yellow.

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